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Electronic Funds Transfer

Divine Mercy Parish offers a giving option that may be more convenient for many of our parishioners---the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) program. You may already be involved in Electronic Funds Transfer with your mortgage company or one of your utilities. It is similar to a direct deposit transaction. Contributions are automatically withdrawn from your checking or savings account, and directly deposited to the parish account on a schedule you determine. Your contributions will show up on your monthly bank statement as automatic withdrawals, listed with the regular checks you write.


Below are some frequently asked questions about the Electronic Funds Transfer Program.


What is Electronic Funds Transfer?

Electronic Funds Transfer is an automatic program that allows you to make contributions without writing a check.


What are the advantages of EFT?

It saves time! It saves work! It simplifies your life! You also help the parish stabilize its budget, and reduce the time we spend on bookkeeping.


How is my electronic transfer deducted from my account?

Once you authorize the transfer, your specified contribution is transferred electronically, directly from your checking or savings account into the parish’s account, according to the schedule you select on the Authorization Form. It’s actually safer than writing a check. It cannot be misplaced, stolen, or lost in the mail.


Won’t it look bad for me not to be putting anything in the collection basket at Mass?

You can download and print I gave by EFT cards you can put in the collection basket so you can participate in the offertory part of the Mass. 


Will Electronic Funds Transfer also cover the special collections throughout the year?

No. EFT is designed only to provide for your regular parish support. That is another reason that you will still be sent an envelope packet. For special collections, you should use the envelopes provided in your packet to make a contribution by check or cash.


If I do not write checks, how do I keep my balance straight?

Since your contribution is made at a pre-established time, you simply record it in your check register on the appropriate date. The contribution will show up on your bank statement as an automatic withdrawal.


What if I change banks?

Your EFT Agreement will expire with the closing of your old account. You would need to submit a new authorization form for your new bank.


How much does it cost to use Electronic Funds Transfer?

It costs you nothing and saves you time.


What if I try Electronic Funds Transfer and do not like it?

You can cancel your authorization by notifying the parish office at any time. Canceling you automatic transfers does not require any paperwork from you; a simple request by telephone or email is sufficient. (You might also want to contact your bank directly, but please make sure to inform the parish first, so that we do not continue attempting to make the transfer).


What if I want to change the amount of my contribution?

You may submit a new authorization form to change the amount or schedule of your contributions at any time.


How do I sign up for Electronic Funds Transfer?


You can call the parish office to request the necessary form. Simply complete the form and return it to the parish. We will coordinate the transaction with the bank, and inform you as to the first date on which an EFT will be made.

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