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Dreams for your Grandchild

Come meet with other grandparents on

Monday, Sept.18 at 6:30 PM

at St. Aloysius Catholic Church at 115 Madison St., Sauk City

in Room C in the basement.

Every Catholic grandparent dreams of having grandchildren who grow up to be healthy, happy and vibrant in their faith. We might wonder how much of an impact we really have. We may ask, “Do I as a grandparent truly have the power to make a difference in my grandchildren’s lives?”

Come explore with other grandparents Dreams For Your Grandchild, The Hidden Power of a Catholic Grandparent by Allen Hunt. This book is a wealth of good information for grandparents. With a series of 7 key ideas, action steps, prayers and tools, we chart a course that we will all find easy and natural to follow in order to enhance our relationship with our grandchildren.

We will decide at that time as a group the best class days and times that we all feel are necessary to learn from the book and each other. Mike and Janet Wedwick and Nick and Kay Ringelstetter will lead the class. Hardcover books can be purchased at this first class for $15 payable to Divine Mercy Parish. Scholarships for free books are available.

If questions please contact

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