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Free Books

Please take a free Word Among Us book available in both lobbies to help in your Lenten preparations. These books include the daily Mass readings, prayers, meditations and articles inviting us to ponder the power and love present in Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and in his gift for us in the Eucharist.

In addition, please take a Best Lent Ever Journal. These journals enhance the experience of the BEST LENT EVER email program delivered to your inbox with daily videos containing reflections, readings, and prayers that will help you prepare your heart and minds during this season of Lent for the coming of Jesus’ resurrection on Easter Sunday.

BEST LENT EVER is a free email program that sends daily inspirational videos during the season of Lent directly to your inboxes. Don’t give up chocolate this Lent. Unlock your God-given potential with BEST LENT EVER!

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