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Lent Ideas...

Dear Parishioners,

Lent is upon us! Don’t wait until the final week of this blessed season to make a Lenten plan. You could give up chocolate and soft drinks like so many other Catholics, or… you could try changing things a little. Check out this article to read about 25 weird things you can give up for Lent.

Here are a few:

¨ Hot showers (for champs!)

¨ Coffee (I have to confess: I can’t do this one)

¨ Cream and sugar

¨ Condiments

¨ Car audio

¨ Social Media (highly recommended)

¨ Netflix (or Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, etc.)

¨ Diet Coke

¨ The Snooze Button (my nemesis)

¨ Comfy bedding or even your bed

¨ All meat or red meat (A tough one)

¨ Makeup (I don’t have to give up this one)

¨ Lenten Wardrobe (I don’t have to give up this one either)

¨ Control of the Remote (Control)

¨ Alcohol

There you go. Be original; be generous! And good luck!

God bless, Fr. Miguel

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