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Mass Schedule Dec. 8 Immaculate Conception

Dear Parishioners,

Many have been asking about Mass schedules for tomorrow's feast, the Immaculate Conception, which as you know is a Holy Day of obligation.

I am sorry for this late update, It is difficult to find priests to celebrate Mass on a Holy Day of obligation and things do not always happen as we expect them to.

There will be an 8:15 AM Mass tomorrow (12/8) celebrated by Fr. Cristian from Corpus Christi Parish in Boscobel and Muscoda. He will also celebrate an evening Mass, but it will be rescheduled to 7:45 PM, due to the fact that he has another one at 6 PM at St. John the Baptist Church in Muscoda.

I can't yet say whether I will be able to celebrate Mass starting again on Wednesday. Theoretically, my quarantine ends on Wednesday. However, Fr. Carlos had to be tested again recently and we are waiting for the results to come back.

Again, I am very sorry for this situation and I ask again for your patience and prayers, especially for Fr. Jerry. The doctor has said that his shortness of breath is not imminently serious, and he just needs to wait until he is out of the woods. For those who have suffered it or have asthma, you know that it is a very unpleasant experience.

If due to the evening reschedule you are not able to attend Mass here at St. Aloysius or a nearby church, please reply to this email and I will personally dispense you from the obligation to attend Mass.

God bless,

Fr. Miguel

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