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Penny War

Please contribute to our penny war the month of October to help raise money for catholic education for the youth of our parish school and Religious education program!

How does this work?

We will be competing against St. Norbert's Parish in Roxbury to see who can earn the most points. We do this by putting pennies (+) in our container and silver coins & dollars (-) in St. Norberts container.

Catholic Financial Life will match all funds collected, up to $500, plus give a $50 bonus to the Religious Education of the winning parish. The Penny War will run during the month of October from Saturday/Sunday, October 12-13 through Saturday/Sunday, November 2-3, 2019

All the money you donate in any/all of these jugs stays in our parish!

Thank you for helping us educate the youth of our parish with your support!

The containers are in the side lobby of the church!

Place only Pennies in Divine Mercy Parish Jar To earn points!

Pennies = + 1 point

Put Silver Coins or Dollar Bills in the container for St. Norbert's, Roxbury to take points away from them.

Quarters = -$.25

Dollars = -$20, - $5.00 or - $1.00

(all contributions stay in our parish)

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