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Sacristan Duty Training

The holy preparations in which Sacristans are entrusted are the basic framework for the beautiful and sacred objects that are used and carried out before, during, and after the Mass. It’s a serious job that one must undertake with care and wisdom.

Who: Ladies who have made their First Holy Communion & Mothers or Grandmothers

When: March 1, 2019 3:30 PM to 3:50 PM

Where: Divine Mercy Parish (Church)

Training will last about 20 minutes then we will enjoy a snack & enjoy a Movie or games together!

Fr. Pedro & Miss Andrea will facilitate at church.

For questions please contact Lisa HERE.

To Learn more about Sacristan Duty look HERE.

No one doubts that encouraging both girls and boys to serve Jesus — and their parish community — in the Holy Mass is of monumental importance. It strengthens the participant’s faith, offers a window into the sacred, and affirms the truths we Catholics believe about the Real Presence. But it also has the potential to highlight the beauty of God’s plan for men (which of course includes the possibility of the priesthood), versus His plan for women. Personally, I believe a strong girls’ sacristan program will flourish best alongside a strong altar boys’ program. 

Thank you girls for your willingness to serve Jesus and help our priests.

Remember that even the small and seemingly unseen things of this world can have a large spiritual impact. Our prayer is that this will not only hopefully touch your heart, but may also prepare you for a life of service and love, lived for Christ and His Church. 

Photo taken Oct. 26, 2018 What a beautiful group of young ladies!

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