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Upcoming Young Adult Events

Mark your calendars, our next Encounter Night is on Thursday, May 27th! We will be gathering for Mass at St. Mary Health of the Sick in Merrimac at 7 pm. Adoration & Confessions are available from 5-6:45 pm. Drinks, snacks and social time to follow the Mass!

NOTE*** Unfortunately there is road construction on Hwy 78 from Prairie du Sac to Merrimac. So, either take 188 across the Merrimac Ferry or go up around Devil's Lake, (you'll have to Google Map it).

Our next Engage night will be Thursday, June 10th at 7 pm at the Dorf Haus.

Also, we are going to be doing a discussion on the book: Strength in Simplicity - The Busy Catholic's Guide to Growing Closer to God by Bishop Emmanuel de Gibergues. This is a quick 160-page read, and I think will be very relevant and helpful for all of us! Special Thanks to Alexia Keating for picking the book! You can purchase the book using the following link or buy from another vendor if you prefer.

We'll be discussing the book at our next Engage

gathering on Thursday, July 8th at the Dorf Haus! If you don't want to read the book, you are still welcome to come and listen to the discussion!

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