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Cabinets Set

Finally a little more to see in the rectory project. The last couple of weeks has been filled with electrical and HVAC work followed by drywalling, mudding, texture on walls, and painting. Significant changes, but not as visually impressive as seeing the cabinets get installed.

With three generations of Krejchiks and Dean "The Wizard" Brickle on the job setting the cabinets was quick work, or at least they made it look that way!

Can you even remember what this space looked like before? It is just incredible what renovation can do!

It is truly hard to believe this is the same space we started in. A heartfelt THANK YOU to John and Ben Krejchik and their "apprentices", Sam and Gabe. Along with Dean Brickl, these men gave their Friday evening and the better part of their Saturday to getting these cabinets set so that the space could be ready for countertop templating and flooring installation this week.

As you see in the above photo we made a change to the original plan. By moving the original pantry door down the wall, we were able to get the refrigerator out of the corner and place the microwave directly adjacent. Another added perk that comes with this arrangement is a little added counter space, a perfect little nook where the coffee pot can live! The whole workflow is just better this way! Thanks to Jaunita Mack-Wagner for consulting on this!

We thank the Lord for the many hands making this project possible; Dondi Nelson for cranking out all the electrical, Nathan Dischler and Matt Slaney with Dischler Heating and Cooling for the HVAC work. Manuel Fuentes and Jose Garcia and Ricardo for their work drywalling work on the walls and ceiling, and Roy Gag for getting the space painted. Also want to thank Fr. Faustino for the sweat equity he has invested in the project and for working alongside our generous volunteer tradesmen, painting, sanding, and staining!

It's not too late to contribute to the project. Click the "Donate" button to see how you can make a financial gift.

Stay Tuned!

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