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The Wall Has Come Down

The biggest visible change these last two days is that the wall between the old kitchen and dining room has come down. We can finally get a feel for how the new space is going to shape up. While tearing down a wall is exciting, it was probably the easiest part of the job. One never can predict what will be found when you start tearing a space apart, especially a space as old as this one. Sure enough, the crew found some surprises.

Once the center wall and kitchen ceiling were demolished to the studs, the crew was able to see that the ceiling in the kitchen was 1/2" lower than the ceiling in the dining room. Obviously, that wasn't going to work. Our lead carpenter, Dean Brickl, used to be known as "The Wizard" on the job site, and for good reason. He had just the right magic to make all our renovation troubles disappear! Today, Dean and the crew got the ceiling in the kitchen raised to meet the dining room ceiling. It's not how they planned to spend their day, but they got it done.

We have an awesome crew. Our carpenters, Dean Brickl and John Krejchek, have graciously come out of retirement to help. Our electrician, Dondi Nelson, and our HVAC technicians, Nathan Dischler and Matt Slaney of Dischler Heating and Cooling, are giving their time after hours and on weekends. We are grateful for the gift of their time and talent, and they have asked nothing in return. I have also been quite impressed by the success of our fundraising campaign so far. To those who have shared their treasure with a financial gift, THANK YOU! Haven't donated yet? Not to worry, follow the link the make your gift!

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